We believe their is more than enough capital in the world to provide the financial support necessary to send missionaries across the globe to all people groups.


A social media platform for missionaries across the globe to coloborate, share experiences, share needs, discover unreached people groups, find funding and find social connection and prayer support.  We imagine a world where every unreached nation, people and tounge is known, documented, tracked and funded with a plan to reach each nation to share the gospel. 

We are in constant discovery of unreached people groups and documenting each and every area where missionaries are needed to share the gospel.

We want to use the latest technology and innovation to reach every nation in creative ways using every gift that God has given us.  No longer does innovation and rapid expansion need to be limited to the private sector we are here to make a difference and make it aggressively.

We are a force built up for the kingdom of God to give fuel of funding to each missionary across the globe.  When the world says do less we want to do more to reach Gods children on this earth.

Many missionares have the heart and the passion to go into missions and serve God but many lack the funds to go.  With over $7 trillion changing hands each day we beleive there is sufficient capital to fund any and all missionaries who want to serve God in the field and reach the 7+ billion people on this earth. We are here to provide the opportunity to go with that funding.  Along with the funding we find that many missionaries lack a support system and a systematic plan to make the biggest impact possible in the field.  Having experienced mentors and a solid plan is altoegher part of what we help profivde at Missionary Center. We believe both short term and long term missions are effective an deach have their place.


Missionaries sign up and share their story and their mission.  All missionaries are required to create and share a video of their mission and story about who they are and what their mission is, in order to publish a public profile.  This video should be uploaded to YouTube (as public or private) and linked in the profile.  Once the profile is complete with the rest of the verification documents, reviewed by the admins and approved they will then be eligible to receive funding.

Doanars are able to search through the entire portfolio of missionaries in our system and choose to fund who God leads on their heart to fund. Gifts can be recurring monthly gifts or a one time gift.  All new sponsors funds are held for 30 days before depositing to the missionary for security purposes.  Recurring giving is not held after 2 months of consistent gifts.

Missionary Center collets a 1% fee to continually expand our platform.  We have been given a vision of leveraging all available technology to reach every nation.  We believe before this century we will have been able to share the good news of the gospel with every living human on earth.

We also work on specail projects and fund specfici stratigiec missions. 


Encrypted satelite communications network for inside missionary use only.  This will give missionaries access to in house encrypted messaging and a large portion of the internet unrestricted regardless of location

Location of every unreached people group.  We have a mission to locate and map every location of people that has not had the message of the gospel brought to them or that lacks any representation of Jesus Christ.  We do this by creating a database of every church on the entire globe and any city that does not have a church we have explorers go to those cities to confirm their is not Church precesence and mark that location as a needed mission.

One main goal is to enable missionaries to be self sustaining finacially by creating busineses in foregin countries.  We will be involved to help plan, fund and launch the business. Not only does this give the missionary more time to focus on the mission and less on constantly fundraising, but often the busienss is tool that attracts locals as customers and employees to create another pathway for reaching the people.  This also allows in many cases missionaries to have business visas to enter countries that would otherwise be difficult to access.


Yes Missionary center is about helping missionaries become sutainable and providing more resources than just funding.

We require a video showing the mission to be displayed on the profile which includes who the missionary is and what they plan on doing and how they plan on doing it.  We also require government id and bank account verification to receive any funds.  We encourage missionaries to update their profile activity stream often with what’s going on so their sponsors can be informed and continue to support them.

Yes apart from the transaction fee Missionary Center has a 1% fee.  We use this to build new infastructure and more tools to further help missionaries  in the field.  We believe God created us to be creative.  With this in mind we never want to have a stagnat paltform and always want ot continue to innovate, research and do more. To learn more about our current projects check out our projects page.

New missionaries will have a 30 day hold on all intial transactions for the first 2 months or until $3,000 in funding is reached, whichever is longer.  This is required for the security of both the sponsor and the missionary.

Missionary Instructions

Congratulations on signing up with Missionary Center.  We’re excited to partner with you to build the Kingdom.  Please follow these steps to ensure a good experience on the Missionary Center Platfom.


  1. Complete your profile
    1. Create a video of your mission and who you are. This is one of the most important peices neccessary to receive funding form sponosrs.  Remeber this may be your only interaction with many visitors to your proifle and if they don’t understand who you are or what you are doing in the first 30 seconds they likely will not sposor you.  Be engaging, make your mission exciting and make your sponsors feel they are a part of your mission.  See our tips for video making.
    2. Upload your bank statement which includes your address listed on your id.
    3. Upload your government id with your photo and address.  Photo must match the person in the profile video and the address must match the uploaded bank statement.  If you don’t have an id with your address and photo then you can upload 2 separate id’s
    4. Apply to become a missionary with funding permissions.  This is done on the funding page.  We manually approve each missionary which is usually done within 24 hours.  If there are any problems with your profile we will be in touch via email.
    5. Share your profile with everyone on social media and ask them to share it with others.


What are you doing to build God’s kingdom?  Do things, clear your mind and think sensably, dont wast yoru time, Create, Act, Take a place wherever you are and be sombody.