We require a video showing the mission to be displayed on the profile which includes who the missionary is and what they plan on doing and how they plan on doing it.  We also require government id and bank account verification to receive any funds.  We encourage missionaries to update their profile activity stream often with what’s going on so their sponsors can be informed and continue to support them.

Yes apart from the transaction fee Missionary Center has a 1% fee.  We use this to build new infrastructure and more tools to further help missionaries  in the field.  We believe God created us to be creative.  With this in mind we never want to have a stagnate platform and always want ot continue to innovate, research and do more. To learn more about our current projects check out our projects page.

New missionaries will have a 30 day hold on all initial transactions for the first 2 months or until $3,000 in funding is reached, whichever is longer.  This is required for the security of both the sponsor and the missionary.

Yes Missionary center is about helping missionaries become sustainable and providing more resources than just funding.

  1. Create a video of your mission and who you are. This is one of the most important pieces necessary to receive funding form sponsors.  Remember this may be your only interaction with many visitors to your profile and if they don’t understand who you are or what you are doing in the first 30 seconds they likely will not sponsor you.  Be engaging, make your mission exciting and make your sponsors feel they are a part of your mission.  See our tips for video making.
  2. Upload your bank statement which includes your address listed on your id.
  3. Upload your government id with your photo and address.  Photo must match the person in the profile video and the address must match the uploaded bank statement.  If you don’t have an id with your address and photo then you can upload 2 separate id’s
  4. Apply to become a missionary with funding permissions.  This is done on the funding page.  We manually approve each missionary which is usually done within 24 hours.  If there are any problems with your profile we will be in touch via email.
  5. Share your profile with everyone on social media and ask them to share it with others.